Valheim Public: búask til ókunnigr - Server opened 09.01.2022!
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Koomaluola Valheim Server Files 29th august 2022 by Ravenis

Mod Manager - https://github.com/ebkr/r2modmanPlus/releases
Download link to Mod Manager.

Koomaluola Server Thunderstore Modpack - https://valheim.thunderstore.io/package/Koomaluola/Koomaluola_Valheim_Public_configs/
Mods needed, easy installation with Thunderstore Mod Manager, you can just browse this pack on online mod list at manager.

Installing with Thunderstore Mod Manager(r2modman) via website

Install the mod manager
Click "Install with Mod Manager" on modpack page
Wait pack to install...

Connecting to Koomaluola Valheim Public Server

Press Start modded button on Thunderstore Mod Manager(r2modman)
On main menu, press quick connect button on upper left corner with Koomaluola Valheim Public - búask til ókunnigr - Server or
Join direct server address: connect.koomaluola.com:2456 or
or find server on the server list by name: [EU|EN]koomaluola.com[no-PW]
Create character and play

Koomaluola Music Colletion - https://valheim.thunderstore.io/package/Koomaluola/Koomaluola_Valheim_Public_Music_Collection/
Download link to Koomaluola Music Colletion.

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